Autumn shoot


This collection of Majstudio is created from various upcycled Indian sari’s. The sari’s have been attached to each other by thousands of small stitches, making it a thicker quilt. This upcycling journey of the sari fabric results in a more positive impact on the planet as this approach requires less production of new materials and chemical dyes. The appearance of the sari fabric preserves its story and uniqueness within its journey of becoming a Majstudio sari coat.   

Made with love

The manufacturing of these old sari’s is a beautiful ancient craft that has been passed down by many generations in India. For centuries they have already seen the beauty in giving new life to old rags. These reworked quilts were passed on to family and loved ones, as a true gesture of caring and kindness. The quilting of these coats are done by a group of rural women in Jaipur and sustains small communities.  

Piece of art

The end result is a unique piece of clothing with an incredibly rich history. Just Imagine all the stories from the various Indian women fused into the cloths and connecting with you through this garment. All these fabrics bring character to the garment by showing its imperfection and uniqueness, making it a valuable piece of art. Traces of use are being restored by hand, giving all sari’s a second chance. Each quilt is specifically chosen to be a beautiful addition in Majstudio’s collection of sari coats and given a new life thorough the world.

The sari coats below are part of the previous collection but deserve a place in this autumn collection.

(For sale with a discount)

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Love, Kelly