Kelly (owner Majstudio) & Kimberley (@Kimberley.ivy)
Photography: @devrouwmetcamera.

I had an idea that kept popping into my head… It was photographing a pregnant woman wearing my sari coats. The coats are easily to wear, comfortable, fashionable and gives you the feeling of wearing a piece of art. A unique piece of clothing that celebrates the shape and size of every women.

Kimberley is a confident woman who dares! Elegantly she radiates a lot of power while carrying her fourth child. A beautiful round pregnant belly that she can be proud of. She speaks out about the imperfections and flaws that belong to a woman’s body. That is something I really value.

I’m so happy with the result, I couldn’t have dreamt it better. My collection of sari coats looks incredible on you.

Thank you Kimberley for this collaboration,
I admire all you do.

Kelly Maj


“Toen ik deze jassen voorbij zag komen was ik instant verliefd. Deze prachtige jassen worden met heel veel liefde handgemaakt in India door vrouwen. Wat ik vooral ook heel fijn vindt is dat het voor elke maat gemaakt is. Zelfs met mijn bolle buik kan de coat gewoon dicht. Ik draag hem dan ook bijna dagelijks! “


Majstudio / sari coat

This collection of Majstudio is created from various upcycled Indian sari’s. The sari’s have been attached to each other by thousands of small stitches, making it a thicker quilt. This upcycling journey of the sari fabric results in a more positive impact on the plant as this approach requires less production of new materials and chemical dyes. The appearance of the sari fabric preserves its story and uniqueness within its journey of becoming a Majstudio sari coat. 

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture & transform.”

Diane Mariechild

“A unique coat made with love by women, for women. That’s empowering!


“Just Imagine all the stories from the various Indian women fused into the cloths and connecting with you through this garment.”


“Each sari coat is reversible. Wear the side according to your mood”


This photoshoot is shot by the talented @devrouwmetcamera.
Follow her on insta to get in touch with her.

Thank you so much for this wonderful serie. You captured my idea better then imagined!

  • Majstudio / Sari coat long / 064
  • Majstudio / Sari coat long / 063
  • Majstudio / Sari coat long / 062
  • Majstudio / Sari coat long / 061
  • Majstudio / Sari coat short / 099
  • Majstudio / Sari coat short / 098
  • Majstudio / Sari coat short / 097
  • Majstudio / Sari coat short / 096