Malmal blockprint



Yesssssss! I launched the first collection of my dreams!
Last october I visited India, not for the first time, but this time with designs in my bagpack. On the back of a Royal enfield I drove through the desert of Kutch searching for blockprinters that could realise the prints I’ve made back home. The designs are inspired by the many photographs I took while traveling, or living in India. The prints are graphic, colorful, and have a modern style.


Visiting Kutch for the first time and seeing the craftworkers work, made me appreciate manual work, and natural materials even more then before. I respect the artisans and look up to their skills, and I am jealous about their natural work environment.
These scarfs are blockprinted by hand with wooden blocks by tree brothers I call “the blockprint brothers”. Blocks are carved into wood and then individually printed in the right color. Its printed on a fabric called Malmal. It is a fine, soft cotton muslin. It is sheer, delicate and lightweight.