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The Sari coat

Majstudio / Sari coat

This collection of Majstudio is created from various upcycled Indian sari’s. The sari’s have been attached to each other by thousands of small stitches, making it a thicker quilt. This upcycling journey of the sari fabric results in a more positive impact on the planet as this approach requires less production of new materials and chemical dyes. The appearance of the sari fabric preserves its story and uniqueness within its journey of becoming a Majstudio sari coat.   

The manufacturing of these old sari’s is a beautiful ancient craft that has been passed down by many generations in India. For centuries they s have already seen the beauty in giving new life to old rags. These reworked quilts were passed on to family and loved ones, as a true gesture of caring and kindness. The quilting of these coats are done by a group of rural women in Jaipur and sustains small communities.  

The end result is an unique piece of clothing with an incredibly rich history. Just Imagine all the stories from the various Indian women fused into the cloths and connecting with you through this garment. All these fabrics bring character to the garment by showing its imperfection and uniqueness, making it a valuable piece of art. Traces of use are being restored by hand, giving all sari’s a second chance. Each quilt is specifically chosen to be a beautiful addition in Majstudio’s collection of sari coats and given a new life thorough the world.

Imre / Short Sari coat
Ben heel erg blij met mijn Sari coat! De mouwen vind ik super handig met dat elastiek er in en beide kanten vind ik ook heel mooi! Ook de lengte is top! Ik sluit niet uit dat dit de laatste jas is die ik ga kopen bij je. Ik houd de nieuwe collectie in de gaten.

Made in Jaipur.

Jaipur, also known as the “Pink City“, is one of the largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is steeped in history and culture. It holds many magnificent forts, palaces, temples, museums, and brims with bustling local bazaars and majestic buildings.

Jaipur is a textile heaven!
Majstudio’s Sari coats are ethically made in a workshop in the rural suburbs of Jaipur. This stitching atelier is a family business which is run by a woman with whom I often interact. Especially when the new collections is coming.

Nog steeds heel blij met mijn prachtige sari coat! Het uitzoeken in de studio was al leuk en ik krijg vaak complimenten over het jasje! Je koopt echt iets bijzonders en Kelly vertelt je graag het verhaal er bij.

Sari coat Models


Majstudio offers 3 different Sari coat models.
The Short, the Mid and the Long. An unique statement jacket to wear in and outdoors. A sari coat is comfortable to wear and has an oversized look.All sari coats can be turned inside out to wear a different color and print. Each model has two pockets and a waistband .

Sari coat / Short
The shortest Model with a balloon sleeve. This model covers the hips. Can be worn by anyone up to size 48.
Length aprox. 67 cm.
Please let my lookbook “How to wear a short sari coat” on the bottom of this page inspire you.


Sari coat / Mid
This model is a little longer then the short sari coat and covers hips and buttocks. It can be worn by anyone up to size 50. It has a straight sleeve which you can roll up to show the other side of the jacket.
Length aprox. 75 cm.
Please let my lookbook “How to wear a Mid sari coat” on the bottom of this page inspire you.


Sari coat / Long
The longest sari coat of them all! So elegant for outdoors, also a favourite to wear indoors as a housecoay.
It can be worn by anyone up to size 50.
Length aprox. 115 cm.
Please let my lookbook “How to wear a long sari coat” on the bottom of this page inspire you.



Ik ben nog steeds heel blij met mijn sari coat! Ik heb Kelly gezien op een leuke markt in Baarn. Het was een moeilijke keuze welke ik mee naar huis ging nemen. Ze zijn allemaal zo bijzonder. Ook leuk dat je er eigenlijk twee hebt. Het jasje zit heerlijk en blijft ook mooi.

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