Blockprint bandana – Elephant indigo


This collection of kids bandanas are handmade by me. It all started when I was pregnant myself and I dreamed of making products for my little one from the beautiful fabrics from India. These bandanas are therefore made of the sweetest prints and softest blockprint fabrics. Blockprint fabrics are made by applying the print to the fabric with wooden blocks. Layer by layer.

I know from experience that you can use the bandanas for kids up to and including 6 years old. You can tie the bandana around the neck by tying the ends of the bandana. Experiment with the bandana to create your own style. I like to wear the bandana with the triangle shape in front, or I like to have the knot in front for a playful result.

Please note: I didn’t photograph each bandana individually. If you order a bandana the placement of the print may vary a bit.