Kantha quilt 3


Kantha is a traditional and ancient old craft with so many stories hidden inside it’s cloth. These quilts which you can use as a blanket, bedspread, wallhanging or as fabric are made from preloved cotton sari fabrics. Old sari rags are layered on top of each other and connected by thousands of stitches. This craft requires a skilled artisan with lots of patience as all stitches are done by hand. These blankets are a sustainable option as it’s not made of any new materials or chemical dyes. It supports small communities in the rural suburbs of Jaipur. Falling in love with it already? Don’t wait to long as each and every blanket is always unique and never available twice. Please be aware of imperfections. It’s really part of the craft and something to embrace. This antique and unique piece of art is ready to spice up your home!

Size: aprox. 150 x 200 cm

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