Majstudio / sari coat mid / 031


• 100% cotton.
• Each coat is unique.
• Reversible.
• Made of re-used sari.
• One size, fits all.
• Pockets inside and out.
• Be aware of small imperfections.
• Fashionably outdoors, cosy indoors.
• Length: aprox. 75 cm.

This MID model has a wider fit then the SHORT model. If you choose this MID model you mostly like an oversized style or it’s ok for you to wear size L/XL.

This collection of Majstudio is created from various upcycled Indian sari’s. The sari’s have been attached to each other by thousands of small hand stitches, making it a thicker quilt. This upcycling journey of the sari fabric results in a more positive impact on the planet as this approach requires less production of new materials and chemical dyes. The appearance of the sari fabric preserves its story and uniqueness within its journey of becoming a Majstudio/sari coat.


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Please cherish the product and wash it gently. We recommend postponing washing this coat.
That’s how it stays the most beautiful.

Follow these guidelines for washing:

  • Use a mild detergent.
  • delicate/hand wash.
  • Temperature: cold to 30°C (max.)
  • Let it dry in fresh air.