Sari garlands / Multi colored triangle


Sari garland. Let’s celebrate life! 

This garland is made of preloved sari fabric from indian sari garments.
Use this garland for any party or just to celebrate life!
The length of the garland is about 2,5 meters long.
You can use this garland outdoors but sunlight can effect the colors.

(!) Please embrace that each sari garland is unique. Every garland is different in it’s color. We try to send you a garland which is close to the colors in these pictures but this might be different in print and color.

These Sari flags are made by The Blue House.
The Blue House Project is a non-profit organization founded to support disadvantaged families living in tents in the desert of Pushkar (Rajasthan – India). Through Education, Employment and Primary Life Needs The Blue House help these families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty. We send 70 children belonging to lower castes to the local school. In our project center ‘the Blue House’, we provide tuition and lunch after school. In addition, we employ the parents and supply basic life needs such as monthly food and shelter. The project is founded and run by Dutch student Jaira Sona Chin and Pushkar locals from the poor community itself.

This garland is made by the the parents of our students. Blue House helps the people to sell their handmade products, which generates income of which they were lacking before.