Scarfs with a story




Handwoven fabric

During Kelly’s textile research in India, she met a couple of lovely weaver families including the family of Babubhai. Babubhai has his own workshop in his backyard, where he sells his products. These fabrics are dyed with natural ingredients such as turmeric, indigo or pomegranate. Kelly bought fabrics from Babubhai to create this scarf collection.

To read more about Babubhai and his family and other craftworkers go to: “Meet the craftworkers”.


Air ink

The scarfs are printed with a special ink made of air pollution. Graviky labs captured pollution into high grade inks called “Air ink” that everyone can use and express themselves with through art or writing instead of floating around in air and reaching your lungs.

To read more about Air ink go to their website.


With a frustation about the fashion industry these days, Kelly got motivated to start this project. As a designer she decided to only create products with a transparent and fair process. This gives the product many faces and stories behind it.

Kelly traveled throughout India to research the textile industry and document the proces behind fashion. During her trip she met a lot of different people, visited different factories and workshops. One more special then the other. This resulted in multiple collaborations.

During her research she tried to find out how transparent the textile industry is. She asked sellers where their fabrics is coming from, weavers where their yarn comes from, and spinners where there cotton is coming from. The conclusion is that the textile industry can be much more improved from what it is right now. Transparency will from now on always be the main goal in her products, with close collaborations between manufacturers and craftworkers.