Majstudio / AIR INK


With a concern and frustation about the fashion industry these days, Kelly Maj got
motivated to start her project. As a designer she decided to only create products
with a transparent and fair process. This gives every final product of Majstudio
it’s own story and journey.

Kelly Maj travelled through India to research it’s textile industry and the general
process behind fashion. When travelling she met a lot of inspiring and different people and visited several factories and workshops. One more special than the other.

This amazing experience resulted in multiple collaborations.

Handwoven fabric

During this trip she met a couple of inspiring weaver families. One of them was the family of Babubhai.

Babubhai has his own workshop with wooden hand looms in his backyard, where he sells his own handmade products. These fabrics are dyed with natural ingredients, such as turmeric, indigo or pomegranate. To create her scarf collection, Kelly Maj bought fabrics from weavers like Babubhai. Majstudio only selected weavers that are working with organic fibers, like their local organic Kala cotton.

If you’d like to read more about Babubhai, his family and other craftworkers go to: “Meet the craftworkers”.


Air ink

During the process of designing the collection of scarfs, Majstudio came across an Indian company called Graviky labs. Graviky labs captures pollution into high grade inks, that they call “Air-ink”. This company has made paint, markers and other products with “Air-ink”, and these products are used by different artists around the world.

If you’d like to read more about Graviky labs and Air-ink go to their website.



During her research Kelly Maj tried to find out how transparent the textile industry actually is. She asked sellers where their fabrics came from, weavers where their yarn came from and spinners where their cotton is coming from. The conclusion is that the textile industry can be improved way more than from what it is right now. That is why transparency and close collaborations between fair manufacturers and craftworkers with natural eco materials will always be the main goal in Majstudio’s products.